Carpet Cleaning

With our commitment to your satisfaction, really clean carpets are not just wishful thinking anymore!
You deserve the finest in cleaning and we're here to provide it. Our "peace of mind warranty" is your assurance.

 Your carpet deserves our full attention:

    Our crews are our employees: not sub-contractors, as is industry standard. They aren't driven by a  "commission only pay" to rush jobs or use high-pressure sales tactics. They are rewarded, not for how much they do in a day, but for how well they do it. Our crews are trained in the technological aspects of cleaning your carpet, but equally important is the training they receive in caring for you, our customer.   

Your carpets will be cleaned by the method your carpet manufacturer recommends:

    Edges!  Dark filtration soil edges along baseboards, stairwells, and under closet doors - nobody cleans like we do! The soil we remove goes outside to our truck-mounted mobile plant; no dirty buckets to carry through your house.  Problem areas, spots, and spills, are given special attention. When we move your furniture, we return it to the original location with protective plastic chips or blocks under the legs to safeguard against rust or wood stains.   

We're proud to offer our "Peace of Mind" warranty:  

    We want to make sure that your carpet looks great not only while damp, but long after it's dry. For 30 days after cleaning we warranty against any returning spots.  Pre-conditioning and everything it takes to give you the cleanest possible carpet you can get anywhere is always included in our pricing.

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