House Cleaning


What using our House Cleaning Services means:

· No strong odors that linger for hours or days in your home.

· Dust, pollen allergens and pet dander are removed more effectively in our facility. (Not spread throughout your home.)

· Superior cleaning

· No fading

· No loss of sizing

· Removes dust, smoke, pollen, odors and soil

· Safe on flame proofed materials

Safe on Blackout drapes

Your home won't be overwhelmed by the odor and fumes of strong chemicals when it is cleaned, because the products we use are:

· Non-hazardous

· Non-toxic

· Non-flammable

Meets guidelines of environmental agencies

Your window treatments are also taken down from your windows because this allows us to treat the entire system:

· Inspect

· Repair

· Recondition

· Rods

· Cords


Your whole window treatment system is returned back to "near new" condition and smooth operation:

· The life of your investment is extended

· Parallel pleats

· Even hems

No shrinkage

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